Assistant Library Officer (TRL)

Posted 15 March 2023
Salary $12.00 per hour
Job type Temp
ContactGabriel Tang

Job description

Job Descriptions:
1. Duty Officer - Customer Service backend Support:
  • Handling of Enquiries through  walk-in. Through such enquires process the following:
  • Membership Registration (Babies can be member too, children age <7 years, foreign membership, printing of membership card)
  • Accounts related (fines dispute/waiver, accounts verification, checking lost price, claim returned, printing of receipt for patrons who insist on receipts, reset myLibrary ID, MMS access code, manual issue library items if system offline, consent to lift block)
  • Lost and Found Items (collection of compliant cards, personal items, collection of school books)
  • Issuing of Collaterals for Services/Redemption (eg Read Bags and Cards, LOLA pins, Monsters United tokens)
  • Handling incidents, fire alarms (when required) 
  • Troubleshooting and replenishing Book Bugs cards
  • Acknowledging/Repairing of slight damaged items (patron insists to borrow)
  • Attending to SBS feedback (eg unable to check in, non booked patron sat on booked seat)
  • Disarm alarm triggered items
  • Assist Roving Officer (eg attending to high enquiries, lost child, wireless@SGx) DIYREAD@Community (collection of membership cards)
  • No Wrong Door policy
  • Assist patrons with directions/enquiries
  • Troubleshooting issues on patron’s devices (phones, laptops, eReader devices) - Unable to access PressReader, NLB Mobile, Libby
  • Programme: Online registration, queries on library programmes

2. Volunteers Management
  • Conduct briefing for new volunteers (show the volunteer-run space, explain and demonstrate tasks like shelfreading, shelving, straightening)
  • Note: Every 1-3 hours, new volunteers may turn up and staff have to conduct the briefing repeatedly. Time taken to brief less than 5 volunteers: approx 15 minutes, 6-10 volunteers: approx 30 minutes).
  • Assist to observe on the volunteers activities and update LOs, if any tasks are done incorrectly 
  • Attend to Volunteers’ feedback after each shift ends which may occur daily (eg messy shelves during school holidays, feedback on other volunteer behaviour, etc)
3. Other Back-end Support  
  • Assist in processing the following backend logistics
  • Handling key movements and visitor Log (deliveries of collaterals)
  • Answering calls and intercoms 
  • Monitoring of CCTV
  • Making Public Announcements
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting systems (BBS, MMS, OPAC, Tumblebooks)
  • Items received for Legal Deposit