Finance Executive

Posted 22 June 2023
Salary Up to $13.00 per hour
Job type Temp
ContactHui Qin Chua

Job description

Job Requirements:
Relevant fields of study in Accountancy, Finance, Business, Audit.
Job Descriptions:
You will provide support for the division’s finance, audit, asset management, contractual, administrative and tenancy management functions. 

Some job responsibilities include:
1. Support Division’s Finance and audit functions
  • Track E-Invoices and claims submitted to the division.
  • Upload supporting documents and route the E-invoices and claims to the respective project officers for approval and Certifying Officer for certification
  • Raise journal adjustments if necessary.
  • Raise Non-Invoice payments to external agencies.
  • Support the collation of inputs, information and responses to auditors’ queries
  • Reconcile figures between different reports for purpose of financial reporting/replies to auditor
  • Cover other finance duties such as ensuring sufficient funds to pay out for claims, through virement

2. Coordinate overall budget and expenditure tracking for financial reporting
  • Send out call for financial returns to the public healthcare institutions and external agencies such as nursing homes.
  • Collate the returns from different institutions into a consolidated report
  • Assist in tracking public healthcare institutions’ returns on project cashflow and consolidating the cashflow for budget preparation
  • Maintain monthly expenditure reports
  • Monitor and ensure all the expenditure in various cost centres are within their project cost and update project cost where needed
  • Coordinate inputs from the division or the client on returns to be submitted to client's Finance Division

3. Support the division’s asset capitalisation functions
  • Upload of Fixed Asset Maintenance (FAM) form to VITAL via VOICES
  • Ensure that the asset listings/information such as FAM forms, asset tagging/stocktaking completion dates are properly kept/recorded.

4. Support the division’s tenancy management functions
  • Coordinate/assist in the billing and collection of rental from sub-tenants
  • Ensure that the relevant information and documents of the billing collections are properly kept/recorded
  • Coordinate/assist in the payment of rental to landlords, where required
  • Track the tenancy agreements’ commencement date, termination date, rental rates and other tenancy details.

5. Support the division in administering contract documents and funding agreements
  • Prepare contract documents / funding agreements
  • Prepare tracking list of all funding agreements and their approved funding and cashflow period
  • Track approved projects’ cashflow timeline and support the division in seeking approving authority’s approval for extension in cashflow timeline

6. Any other duties as assigned