Lead Auditor

Posted 21 July 2023
Salary $5,000.00 per month
Job type Temp
ContactGabriel Tang

Job description

Job Requirements:
  • Degree with relevant experience as Lead Auditor. 
  • ISO Lead Auditor certificate or equivalent
Job Descriptions:
- Audit plan
- Audit approach and methodology
- Pre-audit briefing
- Post audit briefing
- Timely submission of all relevant audit findings and reports.

1. Proper Records Kept By Driving School (DS), including SMRT, SBST, Pan Country Driving Centre, Lambert Driving School, Cathey Driving School.- This compliance check relates to DS license renewal in accordance to Road Traffic Rules Driving Instructor Driving School.
  • Ensure that the DS maintain a proper record for the last 3 years in accordance with the conditions laid out in the relevant sections of the Road Traffic Rules.
  • Check certificate of incorporation or registration under the Companies Act
  • Check that the employment details and validity of driving instructors employed by the DS are maintained, and the date on which the driving instructor joins and leaves the driving school
  • Check the validity and registration number of the vehicles used in the conduct of business
  • Check the rate of fees charged by the Driving Schools.

2. Safe Driving Course (SDC) Conducted by DS.
  • SDC conducted by DS should be conducted in accordance with the approved curriculum of the SDC set out by TP. 
  • Make on-site visits at the theory and practical lessons conducted by the DS.

3. Driver Improvements Points System (DIPS) Conducted by DS.
  • DIPS 1 and 2 retraining course should be conducted in accordance with the requirements and curriculum development of the DIPS course set by TP.
  • Make on-site visits at the theory and practical lessons.

4. Authenticity of tests conducted by outsourced contract testers.
  • Conduct on-site observations of the practical tests.
  • Review the in-car camera recordings of practical test.
  • Interview testers for clarifications and verification of the observations and findings vis-à-vis testing standards.
  • Invigilate and conduct the Computerized Theory Test (CTT) in a fair and impartial manner.
  • Conduct on-site observation of the CTT including evening sessions.
  • Review CCTV recordings of the theory tests conducted.